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Diabetes 101: Prevention and Treatment

Diabetes affects 11% of the population in the United States. This equates to nearly 37 million people, and that number is quickly growing. As such, it’s a concern that should be taken seriously even by those who are in good health currently. Under the right circumstances, a diabetes diagnosis can suddenly be life-changing.

Here are the basics of preventing diabetes and how it’s treated when it does develop.

Preventing Diabetes is Crucial

The best way to deal with diabetes is to take action now and prevent it from being an issue. It is imperative that you contact the clinic you trust and start your treatment on time. Diabetes typically stems from unhealthy eating and exercise habits, as well as genetic and environmental factors. There are a lot of changes, both big and small, that you can implement into your lifestyle to prevent diabetes.

Diabetes prevention and treatment.

Here are ten impactful prevention methods almost anyone can implement right away.

1: Exercise

Maintaining good health is key to preventing diabetes. This helps keep all of your body's inner workings operating optimally and ensures that your risk factor for diabetes is cut dramatically.

2: Consume Fewer Fatty Foods

Foods that are high in fat and calories, such as fried foods and many dairy products, can contribute to your diabetes risk factor if they’re not eaten in moderate amounts. You don’t have to cut these items out entirely, but it is important to eat them responsibly.

3: Consume Less Sugar

Sugar is, unfortunately, a major part of most people's diets; even if they don't realize it. You don't always have to eat sweets to consume too much sugar. Processed foods, soft drinks, alcohol, and various other items are packed with sugar which increases your diabetes risk factor.

4: Get Regular Blood Tests

Diabetes is often first discovered with a blood test. By getting regularly tested, you can ensure that you catch it quickly and immediately begin treatment.

Blood tests can also warn you that you are developing diabetes and give you a chance to correct your habits and prevent it.

5: Focus on a Balanced Diet

Don’t just avoid or moderate fatty and sugary foods; actively seek out healthy food options that will help you maintain your weight, keep your body operating at peak condition, and keep low-quality substances out of your system.

How is Diabetes Treated?

Not everyone can avoid diabetes. Either they try all the preventative measures possible and still get it, or they develop it when they’re young due to genetics.

If you do end up with diabetes, treatment methods range from a variety of pill-based medications to injected insulin. This greatly depends on the type and severity of your diabetes.

All diabetes treatment regimens also incorporate healthy lifestyle choices, doctor-guided dietary outlines, and developing a deep understanding of emergency protocols in case diabetes creates a crisis in day-to-day life.

Diabetes treatment is typically customized in nature due to the different types of diabetes and the way it affects different people in dramatically different ways.

If you’re in need of diabetes treatment, or you need to be tested to identify your risk level, contact Clinic Klinic, today.

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