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Hypertension Management in Marietta, GA

What is Hypertension?

Hypertension is an extremely dangerous disorder that needs to be treated immediately. If not, the consequences could be deadly. 

Hypertension has to do with your blood pressure and its impact on your circulatory system. This is similar to normal high blood pressure that a lot of people suffer from, but instead of just being a general case of high blood pressure, your arteries are impacted by hypertension. 

Hypertension is when your blood pressure, specifically in your arteries, is so high that it stresses the arteries and forces them to work much harder than they’re meant to. 

This disorder can lead to a number of serious consequences quickly. 

If you believe you show any of the symptoms we’ll be talking about here, make sure to contact our service offering hypertension management in Marietta, GA. 


What are the Symptoms of Hypertension?

One of the problems with hypertension is that, while its symptoms are immediately noticeable, they share characteristics with several other major illnesses that patients often put off until they really need help. Luckily, there are some symptoms that will begin to happen that are far too much to ignore. So, there is a way to discern hypertension from other things such as serious cases of the flu.

First, you will likely experience a headache and shortness of breath. As your arteries restrict, and your organs stop getting the blood they need to function appropriately, you won’t be able to take in as much air as you’re used to. Headaches are often ignored by most people, but if you experience shortness of breath, even if hypertension is not a concern, contact emergency services immediately. 

Severe anxiety usually accompanies the earlier symptoms. There are physical and mental components to this. First, any time you’re unable to breathe like you’re supposed to, you are likely to become anxious. It’s a horrifying experience, and as it gets worse, you’re bound to start panicking a little. In a more physical sense, you are experiencing massive spikes in blood pressure, and that is going to create other physically noticeable changes as well as trigger a fight or flight response you can’t get away from. It’s important to stay as calm as possible and start taking action rather than panicking. 

Nosebleeds are also common. With hypertension, your high blood pressure is far worse than it normally would be. This can cause capillaries in the nasal cavity to burst, and that will present itself as a nosebleed. Sudden nosebleeds aren’t always serious, but if you’re experiencing one with any of the other symptoms we’ve talked about, it’s time to take action. 

Finally, you will feel intense pulsing in your neck and head. As your blood pressure rises, and your arteries can’t carry blood appropriately, the first place you’ll feel it is in your head and neck. It will likely be strong enough for you to feel it just by paying attention but trying to check your pulse will quickly show that something is awry. It’s almost as if you just ran a marathon, but you didn’t actually do anything to trigger such a high pulse.


How to Treat Hypertension- Clinic Care?

Hypertension is a very serious disorder, and as such, its treatment protocols tend to be rather intense. There are three main types of treatment you can expect to get from a hypertension management clinic in Marietta, GA. 

First, medication is almost always a necessity. Hypertension is usually far more serious than just a standard case of high blood pressure. Luckily, they’re treated fairly similarly. You will likely receive a prescription for one or more medications used to lower your blood pressure and relax your arteries. These medicines usually have certain limitations and restrictions you need to follow for the medication to work. 

Then, all cases of hypertension typically require nutritional guidance to help relieve the problem. This nutritional guidance will vary from patient to patient, and it must be custom-designed to meet a specific patient's needs while dealing with hypertension issues. Nutritional and activity-based changes might be minimal for relatively healthy patients, but patients with more serious issues might have to undergo major lifestyle changes. 

Finally, there are specialist treatment recommendations offered to some patients. This is usually where treatment goes when medication, nutritional guidance, and increases in safe exercise activities simply don't bring your blood pressure down to acceptable levels. Specialists will take more targeted approaches to your treatment, and they might suggest more invasive means of fixing the problem. However, these measures are necessary due to the stage of hypertension most patients are at when they’re referred to a specialist.


You can find all of these treatment options at the hypertension management clinic in Marietta, GA.


Why is Patient Care Regarding Hypertension Important?

At the hypertension management clinic in Marietta, GA, we believe that offering customized care to our patients is key to properly treat hypertension, and anything less is risky.


This is for several reasons. 

First, the degree of hypertension you face is unique to you. You might be dealing with severe hypertension that needs immediate major treatment solutions, but someone else might just need a little medication to keep their hypertension from getting out of hand. 

Then, you have to consider the unique life situations all patients have. The treatment for an otherwise healthy individual in their thirties is going to be dramatically different for a 70-year-old with numerous health problems. Every unique factor will have to be considered before a proper treatment plan can be developed, and that’s the only way to produce lasting, meaningful results. 

That might seem like a complicated process to go through, but it is absolutely necessary. 

If you aren’t aware of your hypertension, you will experience the side effects we detailed earlier, and if you continue to ignore it once you are aware, those symptoms will continue to get worse. Hypertension doesn’t suddenly go away. The symptoms can get bad enough to cause severe heart problems, other severe problems that require immediate emergency care, and even death.

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