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Welcome to Clinic Klinic a Health Clinic in Marietta, GA. We offer Medical Services and Nutritional Counseling. 

At Clinic Klinic in Marietta Georgia we strive to be the preferred choice for healthcare services nationwide due to our high quality guaranteed personalized care.  Our core values are passion, caring, integrity, and commitment to excellence.  With your help, we create the best plan designed just for you.  Our comprehensive preventative health plans are ideal for a wide range of conditions. We provide care and prevention for most chronic disease such as diabetes, hypertension, woman’s health, congestive heart failure, medical weight loss, etc.

We provide quick reliable STD testing and treatment, on site lab draw, and medical weight management (Semiglutide). Clinic Klinic in Marietta Georgia is a community based multilingual clinic.

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All of the services offered at our healthcare clinic in Marietta, GA are designed from the ground up to provide customized prevention and treatment for every patient. This, along with our large variety of services across the medical field, sets us apart from the limited and one-size-fits-all services that dominate the sector. We ensure that every patient not only receives treatment but also receives treatment that is designed to help them get the best results possible.


Our large variety of services encompasses the vast majority of medical areas that impact a person’s life the most, as well.

First, we offer the finest preventative care measures available. For example, many of our patients come to us without any concerns at all to receive an STD screening. This includes screening for Chlamydia, HIV/AIDs, genital herpes, Hepatitis types B and C, and every other STD affecting the Marietta, GA population. These are standard, discrete, STD screenings to help prevent serious illnesses and some of the health problems that can stem from infection. ​


However, most of our patients come to us when they do have at least a minor concern to worry about. This is in relation to a few of our screening services and our weight management programs.

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With our screening services, we can accurately determine whether you’ve developed one or more of several forms of cancer, hypertension, diabetes, and more. It’s important that our clients come to us as soon as they possibly can to be checked for these dangerous illnesses, and in the case of cancer, regular screening is recommended for anyone who falls into a high-risk category. If you’re not sure whether or not you fall into a high-risk category for cancer or any of the other diseases we’ve listed, a representative is available to help you determine your need for screening. ​

Unfortunately, whether it’s STD testing or screening for other diseases, some of our patients do become ill. However, our job doesn’t stop. For every disease and condition we’ve mentioned, we offer comprehensive treatment services to help our patients overcome their challenges. This includes providing ongoing treatments and cures for curable diseases, and life-long treatment to help mitigate the effects of incurable diseases and terminal illnesses. In cases where it’s necessary, we also offer specialist referrals to ensure that our patients with serious illnesses can receive focused care from physicians that specialize in their specific circumstances. 

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Not all of our services have to do with preventing and treating life-changing diseases, though. We also offer weight management services that can help you regain control over your health and overcome issues with weight gain that might seem impossible to do on your own. This service can also help prevent several of the diseases and conditions that we mentioned earlier. ​


Finally, our women’s health services are some of our most popular services, and they encompass a wide variety of services. 

At Clinic Klinic, we cover the entire spectrum of women’s health services. We can offer more specific women’s health services such as breast cancer screening, cervical cancer screening, heart disease screening, and of course, treatment services if any of our patients are afflicted by those conditions. The women who approach our clinic for women’s health services can rely on us to have a dedicated team determined to provide reliable, customized, effective services that change their lives for the better. ​


No matter what reason you have to visit our clinic in Marietta, GA, we have the most qualified staff on duty to put your medical needs first. Across our entire host of services, we dedicate ourselves to understanding our patients’ needs, developing customized plans to provide for those needs, and providing ongoing care to help them overcome the various challenges they face. 

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This is what sets our clinic apart as not only a medical facility but as a reliable service to the community that Marietta, GA's population can trust with everything from their most intimate concerns to the illnesses that change their lives forever. ​

If you’re concerned about your health, know that you need treatment, or simply want to protect your health in the long term, contact our clinic, today.

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